Great Harvest Bread
Take home delicious gourmet soup from Frontier Soups. Who can beat the winning combination of soup and fresh made rolls? Make warming up completely satisfying, full of flavor and nutrition.

Come and get your gourmet soup mix today and with the coupon below, get a six-pack of rolls FREE!

Flavors Available:  White Bean Chili, California Corn Chowder, Illinois Ski Country Chili, Michigan Split Pea, Nebraska Spicy Fiesta, New Mexico Minestrone, New York Black Bean, Texas Wrangler,Enchilada, Arizona Chicken Noodle, Connecticut Red Pepper Corn Chowder, Florida French Onion, Chicago Potato Leek, Idaho Tomato Basil, Mississippi Jambalaya, New Orleans Golden Peanut, San Francisco Tortilla Soup, South of the Border Southwest Chicken Stew, Montana Creekside Chili, ABC Chicken, West Coast Keil Quinewa, and
Kentucky Homestead Chicken/Rice. 

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Great Harvest Bread of Rockville, Maryland
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